First Book Reading!

While The Puppet was not in the book, much to his chagrin, he does enjoy having me read from it. Stay tuned for more readings.

Preview some spreads

Art from the book selected into NYC show

I just got a phone call–and how nice to be individually called by phone–letting me know that this art series from "Misfits of Love" Healing Conversations in the Barnyard was selected to be in the annual exhibit and award annual in the Book category of the Society of Illustrators. I haven't entered award shows in years but am thrilled.

I will post details of the February 2014 NYC show and book when I know more.

Video Trailer

In a nutshell

An illustrated journey of one woman as she grapples with the death of her father. At her side were the Misfits she had adopted into her small farm's barnyard–a grumpy pig, and old donkey, handicapped goats and one very special elderly goat named Old Man Guinnias.

As she cared or hospiced these creatures, she was able to have her own internal conversations with each–helping her understand their journey better, also that of her father.

A beautiful, quiet book for anyone who has lost a loved one or parent, or who appreciates the healing power of nature and animals.

With over 65 art images/photos, 120 pages printed traditionally by offset with hard cover.


All books are gift wrapped by the artist in her raggedy Apifera style and signed.

Table of Contents

In the Beginning
{There was an end}

Old Man Guinnias

Day After Death
{There is life}

Cat and Mouse Interlude
{Come back}


Mother Matilda


Hospice of a Lamb
{Be on your way}

Honey Boy Edwards

Dreaming Deep with Old Barn
{Carry on}

The Misfits